Ingenious interior systems for every occasion.

We have several storage systems, for wall, door and floor. Choose the system that best suits your room and need, and then add the storage solutions that meet your exact needs.

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  • Click-in system top hang

    Top hang is one of the mounting options within the Click-in system. Everything hangs on the Top track. Mount the Top track onto the wall. Attach the hang standards and click in the brackets. Add shelves, drawers, and functional accessories designed specially for your wardrobe, laundry or garage. The only thing you need to attach to the wall is the Top track.

  • Click-in system freestanding

    Freestanding is one of the mounting options within the Click-in system. A floor based solution where you click in your storage functions. This option is ideal when you can’t – or don’t want to – mount your system directly on the wall.

  • Décor design

    Dream closets in a new unique way. The Décor range is a closet solution that combines function and flexibility with the style and luxury of wood. With solid wood fronts, shelves and other details Décor allows you to create clean lines in your closet but keep the flexibility and airy feel. It builds on the ingenious Elfa click-in system with modules that can be customized and adapted to your space and storage needs.


    Here are the basic products you need to begin creating your wall hang system.

  • Shelving system

    Elfa’s classic wall mounted ”Sparring” Shelving system. Based on wallbands screwed onto the wall, mount the brackets and combine with solid shelves. Perfect as bookshelf or sideboard, and can be combined with our different book supports. Easily placed under staircase or sloped ceiling, since the wallbands and shelves can be adjusted.

  • Drawer system

    A floor based system built on frames, crossbars, and drawers. Can be placed in e.g. closets and laundry rooms - freestanding, and on wheels.

  • Wardrobe completion

    Our smart function to complement existing wardrobes and cabinets in your home with drawers.